History 1980s

1980 – 1984

  • January 1980 – Undertook an ongoing beautification project in collaboration with Rotorua City Council at Hannah’s Bay; assisted with Meals on Wheels; entered a float in Rotorua Centennial New Year Parade and won First Prize in the Novelty Section; sold 16 dozen Christmas Cakes
  • April 1980 – Stage 1 of the Hannah’s Bay Beautification Project was completed
  • August 1980 – Helped with the organization for the Miss Tourist Diamond Contest with President Cyril Carrington being one of the judges; cleaned up boundaries and a general tidy up at Te Amorangi Museum
  • February 1981 – Hannah’s Bay clean-up was held; Rotorua District Council allocated this Club $7000 to erect toilet and changing sheds.
  • March 1981 – For Administration Funds cleaned and cleared section of land owned by Associated Wholesalers
  • April 1981 – Started on the Hannah’s Bay Reserve Toilet Block – This project would continue until 1982 with the handover to the Rotorua District Council in October 1982
  • September 1981 – “Croupiers” Las Vegas Evening for Eastern Suburbs Kindergarten raising $200
  • June 1982 – Erecting a Meeting House at Te Amorangi Museum
  • July 1983 – A working bee to construct 100 wooden pallets to raise funds
  • November 1984 – Manned telephones for the telephone appeal for funds for C.T. Body Scanner; Visiting hospitalized Lions in Queen Elizabeth Hospital as an ongoing project; Supporting local organizations with relief drivers

1985 – 1989

  • February 1985 – Assisted with the cleaning up of Te Aroha township following a recent disastrous flood; building a ramp for MS sufferer
  • July 1985 – Assembled calendars for our Birthday Calendar Project
  • January 1986 – Repainted toilet and changing sheds at Hannah’s Bay
  • March 1987 – Members and wives assisted with earthquake relief at Edgecumbe and Kawerau. Activities included laundry for 25 families, food preparation, electrical and plumbing repairs, counseling, surveying and reporting damaged property, removing debris and damaged chimneys; Purchased our Catering Caravan which had its first outing at the Fletcher Marathon in May 1987 with a $500 profit on sales
  • December 1987 – Had a very successful open day at Tikitere Thermal Park with proceeds for local disabled children
  • February 1988 – The Catering Caravan had a successful outing at the Paddy’s Market which was organized by Rotorua Host and Rotorua West
  • May 1988 – Hosted a Magic Show at the Agrodome when more than 1600 were donated seats by the business community of Rotorua
  • June – October 1989 – Assisted with the erection of the Police Kiosk at Te Ngae Shopping Centre
  • July 1989 – Club members were involved with a new intake of “at risk” children in the Rainbow Programme; a Sons and Daughters Tea Meeting
  • November 1989 – “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” social outing for members and wives – became an ongoing activity; involved with baton relay and fun run for the Commonwealth Games